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Metalized Thermal Laminating Film Silver 24micron

Metalized Thermal Laminating Film Silver 24micron
Metalized Thermal Laminating Film Silver 24micronMetalized Thermal Laminating Film Silver 24micronMetalized Thermal Laminating Film Silver 24micronMetalized Thermal Laminating Film Silver 24micron
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US $5.392,000 - 6,000 kilogram

US $5.286,001 - 999,999 kilogram

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Min Order
2000 kilogram
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Xiamen, Ningbo, Shanghai
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FOB, CFR, CIF, EXW, DDP, DDU, Express Delivery
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T/T, L/C, MoneyGram, Credit Card, PayPal, Westem Union, Cash, Escrow
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Fri, 25 Apr 2014 14:25:25 GMT


  • Material PET

  • Type Metallized Film

  • Usage Packaging Film

  • Feature Moisture Proof

  • Hardness Soft

  • Processing Type Multiple Extrusion

  • Transparency Opaque

  • Base Film both MBOPP and MPET available

  • Thickness from 22micron to 28micron

  • Roll Width from 200mm to 1200mm

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order2000 kilogram


*Metalized Thermal Lamination Film
*Strong alumimum and barrier property at gas,humidity and shading *Double corona treatment


Metalized Thermal Laminating Film Silver 24micron

Metalized Thermal Laminating Film

Matte Metalized thermal laminting film

product description

Metalized Thermal Laminating Film comes out as the aluminum paper when it laminates with paper.

It is used to laminate on the daily consumable packing box, such as the box of grocery,medicine, wine etc.

Our Metalized Thermal Laminating Film has Silver,Gold and other colors (available at both gloss and matt),
mainly at 24micron(12MPET+12EVA) and 28micron (18MBOPP+10EVA).

It serves strong adhesion, perfect surface tension and nice rewinding,with one or double sides corona
treatment valued above 42 dyne.


Metalized Lamination Film is applied to Books,Posters,Presentation Folders,Labels,Shopping Bag,POP Signs,Document,Book Covers,ID Cards,License,Passports,Antigraffiti,Boardmaking,Write on/wipe off Calendars,Photographs,Albums ect.

Outside coating for wrapping box or bag for food,medicine,cosmetic,gift,liquor etc.

Drawing paper,documents,advertisement,digital printing,show board,etc.

Metalized Thermal Laminating Film


Metalized Thermal Laminating Film (Silver, Gold, other colors)
Thickness18mic 18mic 18mic 18mic PET12mic
EVA10mic 8mic 10mic 8mic EVA12mic
Total28mic 26mic 28mic 26mic Total24mic
Yieldm²/kg38.256 41.220 39.620 42.808 m²/kg35.311
kg/m²0.0261 0.0243 0.0252 0.0234 kg/m²0.0283
Customized thickness-composition available
Thickness Tolerance+/-1.5mic
Paper Core1"(25.4mm), 2.25" (57mm), 3"(76mm)
Joint 1
Corona Treatmentdouble sides
Surface TensionMBOPP side40dynes; MPET side42dyne; EVA side52dyne
Silver & Gold, other colors available


holographic film-packing

How to use?

Guide on operation

1. Better to be used by dry/heat laminator.


2. Adjust roller pressure and temperature according to different types of paper and ink.
3. When using the film for the first time or changing the usual size, a small trial volume before starting massive lamination is proposed.

4. Normal process temperature is 90C-105C (203F - 221F), roller pressure and temperature vary from different types of paper, ink and machines.

5. Make sure the ink is dry before laminating. It will delaminate when the paper contains too much moisture or powder.
6. Make sure to put the material in place with low temperature and dry.

7. The following situation will affect the final quality of the film during lamination.
A. Using metal ink
B. Ink containing too much wax, dried oil, adhesive, silicon additive and so on.
C. Much too thick ink
D. Ink completely undried yet.
E. Much too humid paper sheet
F. Too much powder on the surface

Metalized Thermal Laminating Film-Silver 2