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Company Profile

Established as a trading company, Xiamen Best Resource Foreign Trade Co.,Ltd is committed to supplying high product quality on post-press as per customers’ requests for laminating films, printing machines and inks.

We ourselves are the factory producing Thermal Laminating Films for years that are devoted to luxury laminating packaging. Our product range includes BOPP, PET, Soft Touch, Nylon, Holographic, Metalized, 3D, Double-side-glued, Anti-scratch as well as Hot Stamping Foil.

As a professional supplier, we are able to offer you a 40 feet container (approximately 25MTs) within 20 days delivery lead and provide OEM & ODM services. We conduct market research to make sure that the products from us are meeting your country's expectation.  Our own thermal laminating films are now well received in North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East as well as Europe with certificate of SGS, ISO9001, RoHS, etc.

The biggest advantage of us is to offer you cost effective solutions by providing chain service.

By integrating the resources, the company is catering for high efficiency, saving customer’s time spent discussing with many different suppliers for all purchasing items.

Our specialty and cordiality embodies the fundamental principle of high product quality focusing and market trend suggestion. In order to achieve the commitment, we carry out strict management that technicians have to be with five-year-experience or more and salesmen have to accept elaborate training in workshop for one month before handling the transaction.

Xiamen Best Resource, your own best resource!

The thermal laminating films from our line include:

*BOPP Thermal Laminating Film (Glossy & Matte)

*PET Thermal Laminating Film (Pouch or Roll)

*Soft Touch Thermal Laminating Film

*Anti-scratch Thermal Laminating Film

*Holographic Thermal Laminating Film

*Metalized Thermal Laminating Film

*Nylon Thermal Laminating Film

*3D Thermal Laminating Film

*Double-side-glued Thermal Laminating Film